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Information of specific interest to parents of children with disabilities and special health care needs.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's "Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication" is available by visiting our LIBRARY page. Check it out!

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Does Your Child Have Special Needs?

The TODAY show ran a three part series about parenting children with special needs. While brief in content, the information was excellent in assisting parents in beginning this journey. Below is a link to the information that was on the TODAY show's web site.

Click here to read "Does Your Child Have Special Needs?" from the TODAY show. To return here, close that browser window.

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Discovering Your Child has a Disability or Health Care Need

Parenting a child with a disability or special health care need can be a daunting and difficult time, even when we take into account the joys our children bring. Whether the disability is present at birth or diagnosed later, the initial shock always seems to be followed by a feeling of extreme aloneness. While we may know that there are other parents facing the same or similar tasks, in the beginning, we still feel very much alone.

Patti McGill Smith, the former Executive Director of the National Parent Network on Disabilities wrote an excellent article about this very issue. To read a copy of the article, click on the link below. This will take you to the First Network Online Library Website. To return here, simply close that browser window.

Click here to read a copy of "You Are Not Alone: For Parents who learn their child has a disability". To return here, close that browser window.

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Understanding Your Child's Evaluation

When your child has a disability or special need, an evaluation is often the first steps toward getting the services that will best support your child. But the evaluation process can often be tedious and confusing. Click the link below to read an excellent article on the evaluation process. To return to this page, close that browser window.

Click hear to read "Understanding the Evaluation". Close that browser window to return here.

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Guide to the Individualized Education Program


The purpose of this guidance is to assist educators, parents, and State and local educational agencies in implementing the requirements of Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) regarding Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for children with disabilities, including preschool-aged children. (This guide does not address the development of Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP) for infants and toddlers.)

Click here to read "Guide to the Individualized Education Program". To return to this page, close the next browser window.


Parent's Guide to Doctors, Disability and the Family

Choosing a health care provider to work with your child with a disability requires some serious consideration. A family practice physican, pediatrician, or specialist must be someone with whom you can work in an open, honest, and caring relationship. The NICHCY guide available below provides good information on making this important medical choice.

Click here to read the parent's guide for working with doctors. To return to this web site, close the Parent's Guide browser window.

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