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Information of specific interest to service providers, medical providers, and therapists working with children with disabilities.

The group of service providers who work with our children with disabilities are an integral part of our family team. This group includes physicians, other health care providers, therapists, educators, social services professionals and a wide rage of other people. This page provides a mix of information that we hope will prove helpful to them.

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The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's "Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication" is available by visiting our LIBRARY page. Check it out!


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The American Academy of Pediatrics has many policy papers that deal with children with disabilities and special health care needs.

To visit the AAP web site, click here. To return to this site, close the AAP browser window.



To provide services through the First Steps program in Indiana, a provider must be credentialed and enrolled in the Central Reimbursement Office. The personnel standards are listed here.

First Steps Personnel Standards. This is a .pdf file. For information on how to access a .pdf file, see the bottom of this page. To return to this page, close the other browser window.


To read .pdf files, you must have Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader is available free from the Adobe Acrobat web site.

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