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First Network Advisory Board Conferencing Website

Included here are the members of the advisory board, their email addresses and phone numbers. You may contact them individually or send a message to the entire group by clicking on "contact us".

Board Members

Jacquie Denehie 232-6305

Jacquie Denehie is the Executive Director at UCP. In addition to finding funds and cast-off computers to help families get linked to the internet, Jacquie serves as Chair of the local First Steps Council and is a master at fundraising.

to email Jacquie, click here

Peggy Hutson - 462-4364, ext. 233

Peggy Hutson does preschool diagnostic testing and placement for Covered Bridge. Peggy and I have worked on a zillion projects together over the last few years and she gladly volunteered to serve as the Covered Bridge liaison to this project. Additionally, Marilyn Faris, Executive Director of Covered Bridge will be part of our email list, participating when she can.

to email Peggy, click here

to email Marilyn, click here

Liz Andres - 877-1411

Liz brings several perspectives to this project. She is the parent of a child (Emily) with multiple disabilities and has a long history of working in family support projects and programs. Lis is also an adjunct faculty member as ISU, teaching Child Development and Family Life.

to email Liz, click here

Caroline Carvill - 877-8284

Caroline is the Director of Service Learning at Rose-Hulman and a professor in the English Department. She will help link us with Rose techno wizards who will do the magical stuff to really build our internet site. This saves the project a fortune!

to email Caroline, click here

Hans Eilbracht - 231-8299

Hans is the program manager for the Information Systems department at Hamilton Center and the 'tech' guy on this end of the project. He will be doing lots of research and leg work and really pulling things together to make the hardware end of this project happen.

to email Hans, click here

Anita Lascelles - 231-8336

As Director of Early Intervention / Healthy Beginnings, Hamilton Center, Anita will be participating on our email group. Having worked for several years with United Way, Anita will be a great help in making sure all our paperwork and budgets are in order for continued funding.

to email Anita, click here

Carla Adwell Webb - (858)793-3646

A consultant and trainer living in San Diego, CA, Carla has worked on several projects to design 'virtual communities'. Carla's experience in internet technology, group dynmics and problem solving are an asset to our project.

to email Carla, click here

Karen McKinney - (301)585-7440

Director of Early Head Start at Rosemount Center in Washington, DC and a long time advocate for families, Karen brings both the family perspective and child care perspective to this project.

to email Karen, click here

to email Dawn, project coordinator, click here

Everyone's email program orders and punctuates multiple addresses in so many different ways, we currently do not have a link that will allow you to send one email to the whole advisory board. We're working on it! Stay tuned.